Import in USA

The U.S. market is the most important export market for European companies and is extremely interesting for a number of reasons:

  • The US economy is now growing again, made up of over 310 million inhabitants with a medium-high GDP per capita.
  • The political system is stable and attentive to the needs of both startups and existing companies
  • the label “Made in EU” for Americans is synonymous with quality, history, and culture; for example, Made in Italy is always appreciated, even in areas which are not strictly consumer goods, such as machinery and related technology.
  • The American bureaucracy has clear and simple rules, it’s transparent, doesn’t hinder development but instead is at the service of businesses, and provides quick answers regarding any authorizations or permits.
  • There are real incentives (tax credits, low cost loans, etc) to companies that invest and hire local staff
  • The cost of energy is minor compared to that of Italy and Europe.
  • The labor market is flexible, built on meritocracy and growing your business.
  • The resolution of litigation between companies is quick. Corruption and extortion are virtually absent
 Being successful in the USA means selling even more in other countries: many buyers (South American, Asian and even European) collect information in the U.S. to purchase products for their companies outside the U.S.

The above considerations make the U.S. market attractive for all companies in the world and also the most competitive; it is therefore a necessary first step to study the entry strategy through a detailed market research analysis and solid business plan.