Edesia WorldWide is a US based Boutique Company specialized in Italian high quality food import and related services. Thanks to Antonella Ricco, Italian Private Chef and Culinary Nutrition Coach, aside from an array of generally healthy products offers a selection of dietary products formulated for the needs of individuals with specific diet restrictions gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen-friendly, vegan, organic foods and diabetes suitable product base

Edesia WorldWide was founded in 2014 by Sabbia Auriti, a food and beverage skilled professional with a background as corporate executive in several American enterprises and a decade extensive trade experience in the US Food & Wine Retail and Foodservice business.

The Company has extended its products line including Italian companies specialized in gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, diary -free and diabetes friendly products.
Edesia WorldWide is a total encompassing service company and a strategic partner for Italian Food and Beverage SMEs which seek to export in North America.

Sabbia Auriti Ph.D CEO & Founder

Antonella Ricco President & Co-Founder

Cav. Sabbia Auriti, PhD

With an extensive academic background in Italian language combined with  a specialization in cultural studies,  after many years of teaching, the transition into the business world of Italian food and beverage was natural.

Beginning with the position as Director of publications for Mondadori Publishing in NY to creating special marketing program with  the European Community for the introduction of Italian fruits into the USA marketplace.

The search for new challenges led to  focusing on the marketing, promotion, product development and sales of main line Italian food and gourmet products: from Rocchetta and Uliveto Mineral waters, Poiatti pasta, Gusparo, etc.

The latest challenge is the creation and launch of the a startup: La Mozzarè, the US company that imports exclusively buffalo milk products into the USA and has, in less than eight months, created a footprint in markets such as Eataly, Fresh Direct with distribution by Sysco, Ace Endico, etc.

With EdesiaWW LLC, the circle is complete.  It represents the realization that a company can trace, develop and market any product.
It takes passion and commitment!

Antonella Ricco Private Chef, CNE, CHHC

Antonella Ricco is an Italian Private Chef and “Ambassador of Taste of Italy” of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad-Texas (ICCA-Texas). She is also a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach.

Antonella has more than twenty five years of food and wine experience in the industry. She is a deep connoisseur of Italian food specialties and an expert of the Italian Regional Cuisine.
As a Chef she has blended authentic Italian cuisine with the Science of Nutrition, transforming its traditional dishes with healthier preparation without compromising taste.

Her mission was to inspire, educate and create awareness about the importance of the real Italian food, the Mediterranean Diet and its impact in supporting sustainable health and wellness.
Her goal is to promote cultural exchanges and excellence between the United States of America and Italy in a modern and dynamic way, focused on innovation and excellence, able to understand and exploit new opportunities from a country that offers so many riches in food and wine overall entrepreneurial fields.

She has been collaborating with Italian and International Institutions on several projects, campaigns and training initiatives for enhancing Italian agro-food excellences in the North American market, such as the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, Assocamerestero, Global Retail Alliance.



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